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Project Convenors

The miseries brought by Yolanda brought us together. It must be the meaning why some of us are spared, so we could do our part. We responded immediately to share food and water to the multitude of hungry and thirsty victims. As the days went on, we realized that these were not enough. We need to help them rebuild their lives. We are the Project Convenors, and currently functioning as the Interim Project Management Team. This call to rebuild brought us together. Would you want to join us?

Professionals for Social Responsibility (PRO-SR)

Registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as non-profit non-government organization, PRO-SR provides the technical requirements and implementation management in REBUILD Project. Organized in 2003, PRO-SR has been involved in various advocacies – promotion of clean, renewable energy; public health; people’s empowerment; policy advocacy; enterprise development; development research; disaster response. Our individual members are engaged in different professional engagements as Chemical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Renewable Energy Experts, Research Consultancy, Medical Doctors (Pediatrics, Surgery, Psychiatry, Child Psychology, ENT, General Practice), Development Management Practitioners, Resource Economist, Academicians, Sustainable Agriculture, Business, Arts and Theater. Beyond personal gains, we believe that our profession is best practiced when it contributes to nation-building. Daniel B. del Rosario, Jr., a Development Management Practitioner, leads the efforts of PRO-SR in REBUILD Project.

The Community of Small Fisherfolks of Naborot Island, San Dionisio, Iloilo

We deemed it all-important that the targeted beneficiaries should not be passive receivers of aids and assistance but active participants in all major planning processes that shape the development interventions intended for them. They should not only own the goods provided them, but own the process as well. The process of giving should be empowering. As a pilot community in a managed application of approaches and systems towards a rapid expansion of impact areas, they are vital in providing the actual experience of concepts being translated into doable, sustainable and replicable interventions in the context of island-wide rehabilitation. Once fine-tuned, these will be replicated to the rest of island barangays as far as our resources will allow … from Naborot Island to the rest of the coastal communities of Northern Iloilo. Naborot Punong Barangay Fred Fernando, with community appointed Project Coordinator Ruben Mabulac, represent the pilot community in REBUILD Project.

Jaro Archdiocesan Pastoral Secretariat (JAPS)

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Jaro Archdiocesan Pastoral Secretariat

The Jaro Archdiocesan Pastoral Secretariat (JAPS) is the technical and administrative staff of the Jaro Archdiocesan Council (JAC), the pastoral body that supervises the planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and coordination of the overall pastoral program of the Archdiocese. As the pastoral arm of the Archdiocese of Jaro, JAPS leads the efforts in the formation of Basic Ecclesial Communities (BECs) or Magagmay nga Kristiyanong Katilingban (MKKs). JAPS provided the organized presence of communities in many areas of Northern Iloilo that facilitated easier entry-points for relief interventions, and currently, in the quick transition to rehabilitation. Fr. Robert V. Amalay, the Executive Director, represents JAPS in the Team of Project Convenors.

San Dionisio Parish

As we pilot the whole concept of integrated and sustainable rehabilitation, the host community, i.e. the pilot community, is a very important component of pilot implementation. The pilot community of Naborot Island is part of the parish of San Dionisio which had previous collaboration in organizing them. Some aspects of piloting have now quickly expanded to 6 other barangays, all included in the territorial area of the parish. The collaboration by the parish community lends valuable replicable approaches. Fr. Jose Gerardo Cabaluna represents the expanded pilot communities in REBUILD Project.